The Plastic Wonder Ball – Reshape your Body with the Wonder Ball

Hats off to the inventor of such versatile equipment, which reminds us of our childhood days when we used to play with balls in our playground. But these are not just toys, these balls helps us to have a firm abdomen and pelvis. Exercise balls will increase the blood supply and thus makes the person energetic.

A stability ball is a large inflatable balloon, also known by different names such as Balance ball, Fitness ball, Therapy Ball, etc.

Before exercising, one should make sure that the ball is of the exact size and firmness should be suitable for your height. It should not be too hard. Different types of exercises using our stability ball are:

  1. woman stability ball exercises in fitness gym with couchSit: Sitting on the ball will help to maintain the balance and will help to strengthen the lower back.
  2. Ball Circles: Circle while sitting on the ball, once balance is attained which will provide a good exercise to the abdominal muscles.
  3. Ball Squats: Resting against the ball on the wall, placing the ball on the lower middle back and with feet quite apart to provide balance. Finally perform squats with the ball moving up and down in the same position.
  4. Ball crunch: Person should lie on the lower back on an exercise ball, with his hands behind the ears. His shoulder blades up and after a short pause lower your back down looking straight up.
  5. Ball Crunch- Leg elevated: Lying on your back with arms crossed across chest, calves on an exercise ball. With shoulder blades up lower yourselves up and down.
  6. Ball Reverse Crunch: Lie on your back, place the ball under the calves and arms spread out. Roll the ball towards the chest and then backwards.
  7. Ball Side Crunch: Lie on the side of the ball with legs extended and feet apart. Raise the body and lower it and do it with the other side. Breathe out when contracting abdominal muscles and then breathe in while returning.
  8. Ball Sit up: Lie on lower back on the ball, with hands behind the ears. Raise your body and then lower it down. Breathe out while contracting the abdominal muscles and breathe in while returning.

Once you attain practice and can balance properly on the exercise ball, you can try for other variations in this exercise ball.

Benefits of Stability Ball

Build up confidence: Performing exercises will make people confident once they start achieving the goals.

Strengthen the muscles: If done properly helps to strengthen muscles.

Disease Control: If done properly -helps to control diseases like heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity etc.

More benefits of stability ball.

Finally, let us conclude that the fitness ball is good for people having back pain. It helps in increasing the strength of the back and abdominal muscles. It helps in achieving proper body posture too. This will help people to do exercise in a totally new way. The exercise balls are stimulator to both body and brain. These ball exercises will help you workout like never before. You can get a perfect body with the several kinds of ball exercises that can be carried out with a wide range of balls available. For more guides to the various kinds of ball exercises please refer to the detailed discussion at “Ball exercises to keep you healthy and fit”.

Types of Exercise Balls

Bosu Ball Exercises:

fit young female with bosu ball exercieses

We often notice a half-circle stability ball in the gym which is usually covered with dust and kept in a corner of the gym. Well, that’s the Bosu ball. Professional trainers would surely get you to sweat it on that ball but if we workout all by ourselves, then you’ll have a big question mark in your head by just the first glimpse of it on how to use it.

The fact is that the Bosu ball is an awesome piece of equipment to work out on. It makes the usually easy squats and other exercises a bit tougher that gives you a lot more to push yourself into. One could do a lot of pretty good workouts on the Bosu ball. Some of them are as follows:

A few Bosu Ball Exercises include Forearm Plank, Side Plank with Lateral Shoulder Raise, Single Leg Plank, Scissor Plank and Side Plank and Hip Raise with Arm on the Bosu. For abs, a variety of exercises include Bosu Ball Sit-ups, Oblique Crunches, Bicycle Crunches, Bosu Single-Leg Ab Extension and One-Leg Bosu Bridge. Bosu Ball Exercises for pushups include Pushups with One Hand on the Bosu, Two-Handed Pushups, Bosu Traveling Pushups, Pushups with Glute Lifts and Plyometric Bosu Pushups. There are exercises for legs like Bosu Forward Lunges, Reverse Lunges, Bosu Ball Side Lunges, Static Lunge with Ball Throw, Bosu Squats, Bosu Squat with Shoulder Press, Bosu Ball Side-to-Side Squats etc. For arms and back one could do Bosu Triceps Dip, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Raise, and Back Extensions. A number of Bosu Cardio exercises are there as well like Burpee, mountain climbers, toe taps etc.

Yoga ball exercises:

women with yoga ball exercises

The yoga ball is really helpful in improving the flexibility and balance in a person. Stability ball helps to improve the flexibility and endurance in one’s body and adds a lot of challenges given the poses you may have to do in certain exercises. There are different sizes of a yoga ball that are used for different sets of exercises. While doing your workout on a yoga ball, you should be aware of certain precautions to take care of. For instance, you should be very careful in case you have any injury, illness or other conditions. In any of these cases, you must first consult a doctor before opting for Yoga ball exercises.

The workouts on a yoga ball include the following exercises: upward facing dog, Squats on the ball, downward facing dog, spinal rotations, down dog with leg lift to lunge stretch, seated stork pose, torso rotation, warrior I to warrior II and side angle, scissor kicks, child’s pose, quadruped on the ball, forearm balance, hip stretch and bridge on the ball.

The stated exercises would make you really flexible. In addition, it will also develop your stamina and give you a certain level of endurance that would keep you fit throughout. These exercises are very effective and make you feel fresh throughout the day. Given the kind of world we are in now, and the number of problems arising in one’s body, everyone should try to inculcate the habit of introducing Yoga ball exercises in their daily routine since it is a really good workout.

Medicine Ball Exercises:

blond woman fitness medicine ball sit twist

Medicine balls are available in a number of sizes with the prime motive to improve muscular strength and sports performance. These balls can be thrown and caught, used for rotations and many other exercises that would improve the overall athletic ability of a person. One should be very careful while selecting the weight of the medicine ball. It shouldn’t be very light; neither should it be so heavy that it takes a hit on the control and accuracy of movements. These exercises should be strictly done in sets and reps. For slightly easy weights, one may do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps each, while with heavy weights, one may drop the number of reps as low as 3-4, but keeping the number of sets same.

A number of helpful Medicine Ball Exercises are as follows: Rock and Roll Up, Lunges with Twist, Lunges with Overhead Press, Squat Press and Throw, Reverse Swing, Reaching Romanian Deadlift, Step Jump, Circle Squat, Single-Leg Squat, Single-Leg Butt Lift, Medicine Ball Pushups, Weighted Superman, Lying Chest Cross, Rolling Pushups, Wall Pass, Ball Fly, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curls, Overhead Slam, Hay Bailer and Toe Touch.

These exercises would make your body strong enough, at the same time will ensure that your control and accuracy is enhanced. Medicine Ball Exercises are a must for all sports persons since they really keep you fit for all the rigors of field.

Swiss ball exercises:

woman exercising with swiss ball

Swiss Ball must be seen by all ever since childhood, we used to play with it as a space hopper. But it is amazing to know how an inflated ball can be helpful to sculpt your body and keep you fit. It is one equipment you will always find in any gym but people hesitate to use it either because they don’t know how to use it or they are afraid that they might just fall off it. But the fact is that the Swiss ball is an amazing thing to work out on and makes you extremely good at balancing.

The best exercises using the Swiss ball are as follows: Ball Squats, Pelvic Clocks, Ball Crunches, Arm Circles, Seated Single Leg Raise, Bicep Curls, Butt Toners, Back Extension, PecFlys, and Leg Stretches. These are some of the basic Swiss ball exercises that are really effective and will surely make you a stronger and fitter person than ever before.

One must really add these exercises into their daily routine since the body is what makes your work throughout the day and you should take some time out for it as well. We see people nowadays complaining about joint or muscle pains at a very early age. This is all because of lack of exercises and increase in luxuries. You should really go out to a gym or get a Swiss ball for yourself and do these basic Swiss ball exercises. They will make you stronger, fresher and happier.

Ball exercises to keep you healthy and fit.